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At Emerge, we're deeply committed to the power of coaching as a catalyst for profound engagement and the development of your people. Our coaching philosophy is intertwined with our core belief that a nurturing coaching culture is foundational to fostering inclusivity, fairness, and equitable development across all levels of an organisation. Coaching is without doubt a key way of helping people and organisations realise their full potential.

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Our Approach to Coaching

Our belief in coaching as a key element of success for individuals, teams and organisations, means it is our aim to help organisations create a coaching culture that's not just an add-on but a fundamental part of their operational ethos. To that end we offer a wide range of coaching services as detailed below.

Aligning with your organisation's goals and values is paramount, ensuring the coaching services we offer you are not generic but tailored to support every organisation and individual in a unique manner. By advocating for a culture of growth, we embody inclusivity, crafting an atmosphere where every team member, irrespective of their role or level, has equal opportunities for advancement and success.

Our method at Emerge is to craft a customised journey for every individual and team, recognising the unique challenges and goals within your organisation and adapting our services accordingly. From individual sessions to group workshops or establishing an internal pool of mentors, our aim is to build a strong, inclusive culture of development that aligns with your strategic goals.

Our Approach to CoachingOur Coaching Services

At Emerge, we present an extensive array of development services, to address the varied requirements of your organisation.

Our services include:

Coaching Culture Strategy Consultation

Our collaboration initiates with a thorough analysis of your organisational ethos to devise a tailored development strategy. This strategy extends beyond mere personal advancement; it's focused on integrating development practices with your overarching organisational objectives and values, guaranteeing that development initiatives bolster your strategic goals and enrich the organisational culture.

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Implementing Internal Pools

Acknowledging the importance of continuous growth, we assist in the creation and cultivation of internal development networks of coaches. This establishes a self-reliant environment of support and advancement within your organisation, ensuring that opportunities for growth and assistance are always accessible. This initiative nurtures an organisational culture where ongoing development is woven into everyday operations.

Training Managers

At Emerge, we hold the conviction that impactful development begins with strong leadership. Our tailored programmes aim to equip managers with the necessary day to day coaching skills to foster their team's growth, effectively turning them into drivers of positive change. This approach not only elevates team performance but also broadens the leadership qualities throughout the organisation, shaping leaders who embody the essence of supportive guidance.


We extend our developmental support beyond individual sessions by offering group development workshops. These workshops are crafted to serve as a foundation for collective insight and progress, aiming to cultivate a supportive team atmosphere that champions collaboration and mutual growth. Through these group sessions, teams are equipped to tackle challenges in unison, promoting a culture of unity and shared objectives.

Preparing for Future Challenges

In essence, our approach to Graduate Development at Emerge is about creating a tailored experience that resonates with each graduate's journey. We're not just preparing them for the job at hand; we're equipping them with the skills, confidence, and emotional intelligence to thrive in any situation.

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Personal Development, Personal Development

1:1 Coaching at all Levels of Your Organisation

We offer individual coaching for people at all levels in your organisation. All Emerge coaches have been through a thorough selection process to ensure they meet our stringent criteria of excellence. Fully qualified and accredited, they boast a solid track record, with each accumulating over 100 hours of coaching experience. Their extensive background and skill equips them to navigate the broad spectrum of scenarios, often occur in a coaching conversation.

Emerge's coaches are not only adept in traditional coaching methodologies; they also bring a wealth of experience from various sectors, offering insights and guidance that connect on both personal and professional levels. This variety allows us to pair the right lcoach with the specific requirements and preferences of each individual. We are always happy to have a “chemistry” meeting before any coaching begins to ensure that the fit between coach and coachee is perfect.

Each of these services is underpinned by our commitment to creating coaching solutions that are as unique as your organisation. Whether it's through one-on-one coaching, group sessions, or empowering your leaders to become coaches, our goal is to embed a culture of continuous growth, resilience, and adaptability within your organisation.


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