Development Centres

Development Centres

Development Centres

We have been providing Development Centres for the last 24 years and have the skills, knowledge and expertise to design and deliver exactly what you require.


Development is the process by which individuals are assessed against specific criteria, relevant to a specific role or level and information is gathered for the purpose of growth and development.

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Our clients often want to assess managers, leaders, high potentials and other employees against the required skill areas that the business has identified, but this is often not something that they have the resources or experiences to do easily in house.


Our Development Centres provide a proven, flexible and cost effective approach to allow participants and organisations to improve their effectiveness.


Emerge provide customised centres designed to meet the key criteria that your organisation has identified as being important and we work with you to develop the activities, reporting and follow ups based on your requirements.


We use a range of activities including role play, problem solving activities, presentations, interviews team activities, ability measures, competency based interviews and ‘State’ or ‘Type’ revealing personality instruments.


We can provide a range of instruments including Insights Discovery, Lumina Spark, Saville Wave, OPQ 32 and Strength Deployment Inventory amongst others.


The outputs from our centres are tailored and achievable development plans to help your staff to become more effective in their roles and to enable your organisation to achieve its strategic objectives and targets.


Our Development Centre faculty includes Facilitators, Coaches, Observers, Psychologists, Assessors, Designers, Actors and Centre Managers. They our supported by our Client Services team who can handle all of the preparation and logistics that are required for a successful centre.


All of our centres utilise a variety of exercises and are inclusive, taking into account the needs of all participants including reasonable adjustments to activities where necessary.


This ensures all participants are offered the opportunity to demonstrate how they compare with the agreed standard of competence and skills identified by your organisation.


To find out more about our range of services for assessment and development of your staff, contact us today.


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Understanding of mental health issues

Noticing ‘red flags’

Creating an open culture

Understanding how to manage difficult conversations

Understanding why people don’t talk about mental health

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