Never has it been more important for the senior leaders of organisations to work cohesively together. 

With organisations continuing to face uncertain times there are serious issues and challenges to be resolved. Therefore, it is vital that boards are fully focused on the vision of the organisation, that roles and responsibilities are clear and that transformational activities are prioritised.

We recognise that every organisation has challenges that are unique, so our highly tailored approach is designed to develop stronger levels of cohesion, trust and accountability towards a clear purpose, vision, mission, and objectives.  Here are some of the assignments we have worked on with boards:

Silhouette of business people leaning on table in conference room

Meeting facilitation

Strategic planning

Developing mission vision and values statements

360 and Board feedback sessions

Clarifying roles and responsibilities

Assessment of Board development needs

Change management

Board member feedback

Away-day design and facilitation

Mediation between Board members

Group Coaching

Our facilitation style ensures that the views of all members are taken into account and diverse opinions and perspectives are free to be explained in a safe and open environment. We encourage respectful challenge and are not afraid to ask “disturbing” questions.

Emerge’s world-class Board facilitation and executive coaching services help your Board re-engage, resolve issues, and become a high performing team that drives results.

Here is some feedback from an Executive Team Intervention:

“For our Senior Leadership team, working with Emerge has been extremely rewarding. As a relatively new team faced with considerable challenges, we wanted someone who would facilitate our team development and help us achieve a change in organisational culture. Emerge has helped us really look at ourselves and the interaction between us and the other senior managers in the council. We definitely understand each other a lot better, meaning that we work more effectively as a team. We now have clear personal development plans and have received training from Emerge on coaching skills. We have developed a new vision for the organisation and have empowered the next level.”


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