Jane Viljoen

Personal Profile

Jane is a Multi Award Winning Coaching Psychologist and the only Executive Coach in the UK qualified with her unique credentials. A member of Forbes Coaches Council, she has a strong affiliation to positive psychology and an expertise in helping people to reach their potential. Her coaching style is influenced by the belief that everyone can improve their level of performance, and life satisfaction by applying tried and tested behavioural change techniques. Jane utilises the practice of Conversational Intelligence™ which uses emerging research from neuroscience to increase challenge, engagement and to build organisational and interpersonal trust, helping leaders and teams reach their true potential. She is highly skilled at facilitating her clients to reach their goals through use of practical and accessible psychological content and has an expertise in communication skills coaching.

Background and Experience


Jane’s career background is broad and varied including posts in private, public and third sectors. She has been a senior leader, an external and internal consultant, business associate and business owner and has 11 years’ specific experience as a specialist ‘Work Psychologist’ to the public sector, developing leaders through coaching and training. Jane has been coaching and developing leaders for 18 years and have continued to gain immense job satisfaction from her work. Enabling others to reach their potential is rewarding and to do so by using a range of evidence-based techniques, gives her the confidence that the clients can sustain their changes beyond their coaching intervention.

After studying psychology at undergraduate and post-graduate level, Jane worked under supervised practice for a further 6 years to become a Registered Psychologist, a protected title, giving her clients the utmost confidence in her adherence to the ethical and professional standards expected by her registering body. Since 2008 Jane has been working independently as an Occupational Psychologist and Executive Coach and with a diverse range of clients which include Boehringer Ingelheim, Zurich Financial Services, ICAP, Ofgem, HGF Law, Muller and BUPA.


Jane’s psychological background gives her an in-depth understanding of approaches and a robust breadth of knowledge to decide which techniques are most appropriate for each professional client. Jane is deemed an expert in Emotional Intelligence and Resilience having completed research in these areas and designed and delivered products relating to them. Since gaining her BSc Psychology, MSc in Occupational Psychology, Jane has further enhanced her coaching techniques with specific method training in Transactional Analysis, Solution Focused Coaching, Cognitive Behavioural Coaching, Mindfulness training and Motivational Interviewing. She is an expert is evaluation and evidence-based practice.

Jane has completed thousands of hours of one to one coaching within a wide range of business sectors including senior level and above in financial services. As well as being professionally accredited and registered with HCPC and BPS, Jane is a member of EMCC member and founding member BPS Special Group of Coaching Psychologists. Additionally, Jane has specific experience of working with senior civil servants, public sector leaders and managers of variable grades.

Areas of Expertise

Jane specialises in topics; Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Succession Planning and Career Development, as well as Psychological Safety, Wellbeing and Brain Based Behaviour Change.

Professional Qualifications, Accreditation and memberships

• MSc Occupational Psychology
• BSc (Hons) Psychology and Health
• Special group of Coaching Psychologists (BPS)
• Post Graduate Coaching Certificate
• Enhanced Practitioner of Conversational Intelligence for Coaches™
• Solution Focused Brief Therapy and Coaching
• Qualified in measurement of Emotional Intelligence (JCA EIP)
• JCA toolkit accredited
• 360 Feedback Qualification
• CSL 360 Accredited
• 16PF Assessment qualified
• Level A and B Psychometric
• Assessment and Testing
• Person Centred Consultancy and Coaching


Clients for whom Jane has worked with include:

• Boehringer Ingelheim
• Business Coaching Academy
• Skills Funding Agency
• Leicestershire CC
• Oxfordshire CC
• Holloway Friendly
• NHS Direct
• Ofgem
• Carter Corson Business Psychologists
• Matthew Kibble Transport
• Muller
• Sony Pictures • Newcastle College
• Johnson Matthey Catalysts
• Stonyhurst College
• Gabbitas Ltd
• Thwaites Brewery
• Chamber of Commerce
• Zurich Financial Services
• Raymond James Wealth Management
• Prospects Ltd
• Rehabilitation Network Ltd
• Dimensions UK
• Calderdale Council

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