Lọ́lá Béjidé

Personal Profile

Lola Bejide is an experienced career coach and early careers specialist.  Her focus is on helping young professionals navigate their careers in those crucial formative and developmental stages by using a variety of career strategy frameworks coupled with the utilization of intangible yet essential soft skills, such as crafting and communicating personal value propositions, career planning and self-leadership.

Background and Experience


Lola has had a successful 20-year Senior Business Manager & Global Training Management career within the banking sector.  Lola creates and delivers bold, innovative and empowering career coaching programmes and tailored Engage, Empower and Talent Retention solutions for organisations.  Her objective is to equip entry and rising talent individuals (0-7 years of corporate experience) to realise their full potential, remove self-imposed or societal perceived limitations and own their career trajectory.

Areas of Expertise

This table represents the key areas of expertise that Lola has that relate to this proposal.

Cohort Career CoachingSoft Skills WorkshopsPersonal branding workshops
Diversity Acceleration workshops


1-1 Career CoachingInclusive leadership workshops

Professional Qualifications, Accreditation and memberships

  • MOE Coaching certification
    Association of Coaches Membership


Imperial College Business School
CROUD Marketing
London Metropolitan University
Association of MBAs
London Borough of Enfield


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