Being A Woman’s Ally – What Does It Take?

By digiadmin | 13 December 2022

How can we really encourage men to be allies to women in a world where everyday sexism is still rife? There is a lot of discussion around being allies at…

A Hybrid Workplace – How Hard Can It Be?

By digiadmin | 13 December 2022

As the world starts transitioning from lockdown home working to returning to the workplace, is Hybrid-working the Holy Grail we have all been looking for, or is it riddled with…

Female Breadwinners

By digiadmin | 13 December 2022

Female breadwinners. Is this the future in working partnerships? Or will the ultimate juggling act prove to be too much for mothers? A steady shift is occurring, where women are…

Generational Differences

By digiadmin | 13 December 2022

Generational differences in the workplace are a particular type of diversity that often goes ignored. While many companies focus on improving diversity and inclusion, age-based stereotypes remain across industries and…

Glass Cliff

By digiadmin | 13 December 2022

As today is International Women’s Day it would be satisfying to celebrate and report on more women in the boardroom, but progress is still slow. But even worse than the…

The 8 Traits Of Successful Women

By digiadmin | 13 December 2022

Research over the last few years regarding the participation and inclusivity of women in the workplace suggests that whilst it might appear there are more opportunities, progress is still incredibly…

Mental Health Conversations At Work

By digiadmin | 13 December 2022

Mental health problems can be an issue that anyone experiences at any stage of their lives. But how equipped are managers in the workplace to deal with it? In this…


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