Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health Awareness and well-being are not newly created phenomena, but the change in circumstances for many people due to the pandemic has resulted in an increase in mental health issues.  The need for managers and leaders to have an understanding of what is meant by ‘Mental Health’ is now vital and in particular managers have to understand how to balance having empathetic mental health conversations with managing performance.

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In addition to providing workshops and courses on Mental Health matters and the responsibilities of managers and leaders around Mental Health awareness, Emerge has a suite of mindfulness and well-being workshops.

Our courses are designed to fit your organisation’s requirements, and easily integrate your HR policies.

Stress v. pressure

Understanding of mental health issues

Noticing ‘red flags’

Creating an open culture

Understanding how to manage difficult conversations

Understanding why people don’t talk about mental health

Effective questioning and reflective listening

Understanding when to refer on.

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