Rebecca Leppard

Personal Profile

Rebecca Leppard is a communications and management expert with two decades of experience in commercial and charity sectors.

Background and Experience


She founded Upgrading Women with a mission to train women to be leaders, problem solvers and ambassadors for their own ideas so that they can thrive in their career or businesses. Rebecca's vision is for Upgrading Women to be the hub for adult learning and development that will bridge the supply gap for women and minorities in managerial and executive levels. Now, more than ever, public companies, government bodies, businesses, charities and more need to be there for women to catch up, re-enter the workforce, get back on their feet and get a seat at that table. Because we know that when a woman is upgraded, she will uplift her family and her community too.

Areas of Expertise

This table represents the key areas of expertise that Rebecca has that relate to this proposal.

Business Communications

Solving inefficient and ineffective communications that cost us billions in man-hours and energy even if we all work remotely

Organisational Culture

Companies are now forced to delve into the high level of mental toxicity in their organisational cultures. I am here to provide perspectives.

Sustainable Development Goals

I help organisations ideate a concrete, incremental reform that can be replicated and practised simultaneously around the world.

Equity Diversity Inclusivity

The lens I use on EDI is intercultural communications. When I talk about the nuances of navigating through intercultural communications, I derive it from my lived experience of nearly 40 years.


When I think about design, I know that look and feel are not enough. I considered the user experience using eye-opening prompts to help us reframe the way we see problems so we can design agile solutions.

Professional Qualifications, Accreditation and memberships


Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Science from University of Indonesia, 2006Crisis Communications

Trained by Ketchum PR, 2013

Brand Identity

Trained by Canva, 2022

Human Rights & Law

The Open University, 2021

Starting a Business Online

Trained by TechUPONLINE, 2022


Trained by Visme, 2022

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