Emerge has a long track history of working with a wide range of teams to help them become high performing.

Moving your teams from good to high performing


Emerge has a long track history of working with teams to help them hit peak performance. We deliver workshops for groups of managers who want to know how to build an effective team and we also work with teams to help them achieve their goals. When working with managers we introduce them to relevant theories and models and then help them apply that to their own teams through group coaching and in-depth action planning.

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When facilitating sessions with intact teams we ensure we fully understand the objectives of the intervention. We work with both functioning teams to get them to the next level and with teams who need some repair to get them back on track.


Here are some examples of team workshop content:

Getting to understand each other’s strengths and challenges

Understanding different working styles

Generating a vision and mission

Strategy development

Aligning roles and responsibilities

Helping the team to move beyond conflict

Developing trust

Preparing bids

Scoping and initiating change programmes

Board Interventions

Vision and strategy

Five Dysfunctions of a Team (Patrick Lencioni)

Team alignment

Defining team culture

Team Profiling

PHROPHET (Executive Team Profiling)

Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI)



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