Emerge have developed a virtual solution that maximises learning and minimises time away from work. We have recognised that many organisations cannot release people from their job for days on end and needed an alternative method for developing them that was just in time, relevant and sustainable.

Development Bytes is a different way of helping your people develop. It is a flexible and tailored programme of between three and seven months. Each month delegates focus on a topic, for example Difficult Conversations. Each Monday they receive a short video for the first three weeks of the month related to that month’s topic. The video introduces an activity that the delegates need to complete and directs them to the Emerge Learning zone for more information.

The weekly activities are designed to fit into the delegates normal working week and very often are just different ways of approaching tasks they should be doing anyway. For example, a manager may be asked to think about conducting a feedback session in a more eliciting rather than directive using a feedback model.

At the end of the month the delegates all get together on an Action Learning Call to discuss their progress, successes, issues etcetera. The skilled Emerge facilitator helps the delegates to reflect on and process their learning from the month’s activities and then create plans for the future.

Delegates have access to additional content on their Development Bytes journey by the Emerge Learning Zone where support materials are made available to help them complete the activity. These materials include further reading, questionnaires, templates for planning, videos, and e-learning modules. We also send the delegates manager an e-mail every week explaining the activity the delegate will be doing, providing them with some relevant information and suggestions for how they could support their delegate.

There are two different delegate tracks of Development Bytes, one for Managers and one for Individual Contributors. The monthly topics are listed below, and you can pick and mix the topics depending on the outcomes you want to achieve and the audience you have. You can also decide how many months of Development Bytes you want to include in your programme.

The Monthly Topics include:

For managers.

EPIC Engagement

Inspirational Leadership

Developing and Inclusive Culture

Coaching for High Performance

Managing Remote Teams

Embedding Change

Difficult Conversations

For individual contributors:

Emotional Intelligence

Managing Stakeholders

Networking and Visibility

Working with Change

Crucial Conversations

Managing My Own Development Motivation

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